Bodyplex of Hiram, Georgia

Training Class Details

Experience the ultimate fusion of 10-15 stations on our inspiring MoveStrong unit and prepare for a total body challenge and the use of muscles you never knew existed!!! Prepare for core work, battle ropes, kettle bells, squats, dips, monkey bars, military presses, weighted torso rotations and more! Mayhem

TRX: Come “hang” with us and experience some of the most progressive core, strength and flexibility training that only TRX can provide. Used as a part of NFL quarterback sensation Drew Brees’ workout routine and widely-used as a training tool throughout the U.S. Army, TRX will radically change your body! TRX

knockout Get out of the rut and into the ring with a sweat-inducing workout that delivers great stress relief and calorie incineration!!!! Perform boxing, karate and other mixed martial arts (MMA) type exercises on heavy bags, speed bags and more while getting your body in championship shape!!! Knockout

The revolutionary core class that targets the torso and oblique muscles that connect the upper body with the lower body. CX Worx is ideal for strengthening and tightening the muscles of the stomach and glutes. Based on cutting-edge scientific research and set in a 30-minute format. CX WORX