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Bodyplex is passionate about creating raving fans in every community we occupy.

Read below some of our inspiring testimonials

“Thanks for all you do George”
– Stoney Hunt

“Thanks for the upkeep and effort you put into running Bodyplex & for making it an enjoyable environment to work out in. I can’t say that for other gyms that I’ve been a member of in the past. Keep up the good work – members can see your faith in action through the way you run your business.”
– Nikki Cole

“Thanks George for giving our community a great place to work out and network with like minded people.”
– Gina Barcourt

“Thank you for offering a gym where everyone feels at home no matter what their fitness level. I have been a member of several gyms and this is by far the best ever.”
– Pam Pidgeon

“George, I’m so happy for you guys and proud to say I worked for you. Your gym is simply the best in Buford.”
– Matt Venable