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Policies & Guidelines



Kidsplex is available for your convenience and we want you to feel confident that your children are safe and well cared for. We also hope this knowledge will add enjoyment to your workout. In order for us to provide the best possible care, please abide by the following guidelines. See below for our Friday “Date Night” guidelines.

  • Kidsplex is available with a 2 hour time limit per day for certain memberships. You cannot leave the building while your child is in our care.
  • Babies must be at least 6 weeks of age.
  • Infants should be fed and have a clean diaper when dropped off. Our attendants will not change diapers or feed infants.
  • Toddlers should be taken to the restroom prior to drop-off. If your child is not fully potty trained, please have them wear a pull-up.
  • Sign in all children with the last 4 numbers of your membership tag. You, and only you, will need to show it to the attendant for child pick up. This will be strictly enforced to ensure the safety of all children in our care.
  • We ask that you do not enter the play center unless absolutely necessary since some of our little escape artists look for every opportunity to get out.
  • All diaper bags, cups, and baby bottles should be labeled with your child’s name.
  • No snacks are allowed. Spill proof cups or baby bottles are allowed.
  • No child will be admitted if they are ill. If your child is sick and/or out of school, please DO NOT bring them into Kidsplex. Your child needs to be fever free for no less than 24 hours before they can come into Kidsplex. This includes a child with any symptom of pink eye or a yellow and/or green running nose.
  • We will correct all children in a loving way, but if they continue any disruptive behavior and/or excessive continuous crying (20 minutes), you will be notified to pick up your child. Continued violations will result in your child being suspended from the play center.
  • Please remember that it is not a one-on-one babysitting service. It is a play center.
  • We will not accept children 15 minutes before closing time.
  • We cannot handle/supervise a child with special needs as our staff is not able to provide the special attention they may need.
  • FitKids exercise class is on Friday from 10:30am-11:00am!
  • You are only allowed to bring one (1) non-member guest to the Kidsplex. The guest fee is $2.00 per visit. The parent or legal guardian must also sign a release form.
  • If you are a visiting member from another Bodyplex, an additional Kidsplex fee of $2.00 per child will be charged.
  • Please be courteous to attendants. They do their best to keep your children happy!
  • Any problems or concerns should be directed to the Kidsplex management.

Friday “Date Night” Guidelines

Friday “Date Night” allows you to spend some time together without your children. It is offered the 1st and 3rd Friday’s of the month. Enjoy a few hours of quality time by leaving your kids with us!

  • Drop off your children at 5:00pm and pick them up by 8:00pm. (A cell phone number is required).  During this time you may leave the building!
  • We will only accept children that are potty trained.
  • No peanuts or peanut butter due to allergies.
  • Snacks are limited to crackers, bottled water, cheese sticks, 100 calorie pack snacks, and/or fruit snacks.
  • Activities:  5:00 to 5:45 Freeplay, 5:45-6:30 Exercise Class, 6:30-7:00 Snack Time, 7:00-7:45 Coloring, Crafts, Games, 7:45-8:00 Clean Up Time, 8:00 Pick Up Time!

Kidsplex Hours: M-F 8:30am-1pm, M-Thurs 4pm-8:30pm (5pm-8pm Date Night on 1stand 3rd Friday’s of the month), Saturday 8am-1pm, Sunday CLOSED